Sloan Type Social: Characteristics & Hidden Talents of Extroverts

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What is Sloan Type Social?

(16.1% of women; 11.5% of men)

Extroverts gain energy from interacting with others and flourish in group situations. In general, they take pleasure in striking up talks with strangers and airing their viewpoints. They thrive when they’re able to connect with others and give and receive love. They have a positive outlook and may be more willing to try new things.

When it comes to their hobbies and free time, gregarious people tend to choose team sports, collaborative endeavors, and social gatherings. They may also be attracted to jobs that allow them to interact with others, such as teaching, counseling, or sales. Volunteer work and membership in community groups are other interests of sociable people.

Extroverts get their juice from mingling with people and thrive when put in a social setting. In general, they enjoy having conversations with complete strangers and voicing their opinions. When kids have opportunities to share and receive affection, they flourish. Because of their optimistic view, they could be more open to trying new activities.

Gregarious people spend their time participating in team sports, group projects, and social events. They may also find fulfillment in helping others in their professional lives, be it through teaching, counseling, or sales. Those who are outgoing also like participating in volunteer efforts and joining community organizations.

Although while people in social circumstances typically display similar behaviors, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is unique and may be motivated by a distinct set of variables.

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Ideal Jobs for Extroverts

Extroverted individuals tend to thrive in careers that allow them to interact with others, be outgoing, and take risks. Some great career fits for extroverts include:

Sales: Sales jobs involve building relationships with customers and making persuasive arguments, which can be a great fit for outgoing and persuasive extroverts.

Public relations: Public relations professionals work to manage the public image and reputation of organizations, often through social media and other public-facing channels. Extroverts may thrive in this field because of their outgoing and engaging nature.


Marketing: Marketing professionals are responsible for creating and executing strategies to promote products and services to customers. Extroverts may enjoy the creative aspects of marketing, as well as the opportunity to interact with customers and stakeholders.

Event planning: Event planners coordinate and manage a wide range of events, from corporate meetings to weddings and other social gatherings. Extroverts may enjoy the social aspects of event planning, as well as the opportunity to take risks and be creative.

Teaching: Teaching can be a great fit for extroverts who enjoy interacting with others and sharing their knowledge and expertise. Teachers often have the opportunity to engage with students and colleagues on a daily basis.

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Poor Job Fits for Extroverts

Here are a few careers that may be not be well-suited to for extrovers:

Data entry: Data entry is often a solitary job that requires a high level of focus and attention to detail, which may not be as engaging for extroverts.

Accounting: Accounting is another job that can be solitary and requires a high level of detail orientation. While extroverts may excel at working with clients and colleagues, they may find the day-to-day work of accounting to be less engaging.

Research: Research can be a solitary job that involves long periods of data analysis and writing. While extroverts may enjoy collaborating with others on research projects, they may find the day-to-day work of research to be less stimulating.

Technical writing: Technical writing involves creating instructional materials and manuals, which can be a solitary and detail-oriented job that may not provide as much opportunity for social interaction.

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