Excuse Me, Do YOU Speak Body Language?

We have great news! Study Body Language.com has been acquired and is now a part of Personality NFT! What this means is that you will have access to great content on body language and also how it relates to personality. After all, body language comes from somewhere and it can tell us a lot about a person’s personality traits.

Looking to learn about body language? Check out our list of articles:

Body Language

Nonverbal Communication and Body Language

What is nonverbal communication and why should you bother with it?

Reading Body Language

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It’s about reading body language. What does it mean? How to do it? How to detect lies? and do you really need me (or any other guides) for that?

Body Language Gestures

Gestures are nonverbal words.

Facial Expressions

Learn what the different parts of our face say about us and why facial expressions may speak louder than words.

Body Language of Eye Contact

Learn all you need to know about the body language of eye contact


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Proxemics in body language describe how we treat our space and other people in terms of proximity.


Haptics is a type of nonverbal communication focused on touching. Where to touch, how to touch, what does it mean – find it here.

Body Language Signs

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All body language signs possess a more permanent and “static” nature.

Study Body Language Blog

The Body Language Blog keeps you updated on everything happening on the site. Get news about great content and other cool tidbits about nonverbal communication.

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