The Survivalist Archetype: Meaning, Perception, World View

Stefan Speaks

Stefan Speaks


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The Survivalist Interactive NFT

Card Meaning

The Kitten lives in a world full of infinite possibilities that lie ahead and it’s ready to take on the world. With total disregard for consequences, the kitten has taken off its helmet to eat the ice cream. As the Kitten’s consciousness rises, he awakens to this sense of danger.

Survivalist Symbols

How the Survivalist see the World?

The Survivalists represent the first stage of consciousness in humans. This stage is first experienced by all of us during infancy. During this stage, we begin to construct a stable world of objects and realize that we exist and are separate from the environment. We begin using words like ‘me’ or ‘Tommy wants’. 

This is a virtually automatic state of existence focused on survival. At this stage, survival is the sole motivation. Actions in this stage are instinctive, basic, archaic, and automatic. The main problem that is being solved is maintaining physiological stability and meeting physical needs. The Survivalists is the starting place for all humanity, and thus it is a beginning, a place of possibility and growth.  

Where Seen: infants, elderly who need care, people with mental disabilities, etc.

Characteristics of the Survivor:

  • Archaic
  • Basic
  • Instinctive
  • Automatic

Ego Development 

Ego begins to form as consciousness can differentiate between self and not-self. At this level, the ego has the least degree of self-awareness and is egocentric and self-interested. This is not due to a distinct ego but instead because the ego cannot extend its awareness beyond itself.  


  • Spiral Dynamics: Stage Beige 
  • Ken Wilber’s AQAL: Stage Infrared
  • Cognitive Development: Sensorimotor
  • Ego Development Stage: Symbiotic Stage (1A)
  • Kegan: Impulsive

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