Mystic Archetype

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Card Meaning

This card signifies fulfillment, completion, celebration and harmony. The dance symbolizes happiness, contentment, victory, and abundance. 

The dancer floats above the world as she has transcended her ego and the world. It’s this transcendence that people find most alien. Her movements echo the frequency of her creating and there are none like her. As she dances, her body takes form a swirl of color and light. She is the embodiment of celestial forces, of being-ness and of consciousness manifest. She creates for all to see, the cities lie behind her and they are merely an audience for her creations.  

Mystic Archetype



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Her wands symbolize spiritual wisdom. These wands also depict the connection between the heavens and earth. She is wearing a purple scarf which represents courage, survival, and honor. The skull head symbolizes birth and rebirth. The dancer is enclosed in an oval wreath which symbolizes unity, wholeness and completion. For the mystic, this is the final victory, a oneness with life that transcends birth and rebirth.

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How does the Mystic See the World?

Currently this World View and Value system is under research and not much is known about it.

People holding this stage of consciousness experience life are devoid of duality, there exists only a sense of oneness, non-dual awareness of both awareness itself and consciousness. Consciousness ceases to appear as a constraint but rather as one more phenomenon that can be foreground or background; an integration of feelings of belongingness and separateness occurs; multiple points of view can be taken effortlessly; the pattern of constant flux and change becomes the context for feeling at home; one is able to respect the essence in others, no matter how different they may be; one is in tune with their life’s work as “a simultaneous expression of their unique selves”

​They are guided by a higher wisdom or cosmic consciousness, we have reached what “Carl Jung defined…as the realization of the Self” (Lionnet, 2002, p. 62). Those at the consciousness level of the World experience “the completion and integration of great inner work which has involved unifying polarities, oppositions, and paradoxes within oneself” (Arrien, 1987, p. 98). Wilber (2000b) relates that the visionaries, prophets and yogis of the past were those endowed with such consciousness: the most advanced figures of the past were plumbing the depths of the transpersonal levels, and those lie in our collective future, not our collective past….those spiritual pioneers were ahead of their time, and they are still ahead of ours. They are thus voices, not of our past, but of our future. (p. 157)

​Indeed, at the transpersonal levels of consciousness one is a natural visionary, instinctively seeing “what needs to be re-built or designed in new ways whether it be environments, ideas, projects, or people” (Arrien, 1987, p. 99). Signifying the universal understanding of cosmic awareness, the World ends the “Journey of the Hero” with its open-ended symbolism and representation of complete and universal oneness.

Whatever its characteristics, it is important to remember that CORAL is not the end point of the spiral. Cowan states:

There is no final state or ‘top’ of the spiral, no stage of completeness for or perfection for human nature. It is not a spiral toward spiritual revelation and transcendent being as some would like, or wish. The spiral opens up and widens; it does not focus down to a spot….The future for the Spiral is the passage more and more systems [sic] in the human repertoire. (NVC, n.d., Question 9)

It appears that, despite our best guesses and most intuitive predictions, we will have to experience CORAL, and any other levels beyond it, in order to accurately comprehend their advanced worldviews, characteristics, and capabilities.

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