The Achiever Archetype

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Card Meaning

The Achiever card symbolizes rationality, justice, fairness, and law. It stands for the values of the Enlightenment. 

A female figure is holding a double-edged sword in her right hand that represents both favorable and unfavorable consequences. She holds a scale in her left hand which represent justice, truth, and balance. this card also shows two pillars, one is the pillar of severity and the other is the pillar of mercy. The figure is seated in the middle of the two extremes that represent fair and balanced judgment.  The violet color symbolizes wisdom, dignity, and compassion. Her red robe depicts courage and her bare breast is the symbol of vitality and life.

Achiever Archetype

How do Achievers See the World?


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The Achiever struggles for autonomy, independence, material abundance, and for progress through searching out the best solutions. The Achiever values clear, logical seeing, quantifiable experience, and calculable success.

The Achiever  is highly results oriented and authority is given to those who noticeably excel, having figured out the rules of the game of life, and having manipulated them in order to come out on top. To succeed in life there is no room for guilt and no time or energy to be wasted. Principles are a troublesome and flimsy affair and better left untouched, and ethics can be easily disregarded in the race for quick prosperity. “I’m only looking out for number one” is a typical statement from the Achiever.

Despite all the ways in which the Achiever serves the self and can injure its world and culture in the process, for every weakness there is a strength. The ingenuity and brilliant creativity of the Achiever have enriched the world, and have provided valuable breakthroughs in medicine, business, and economics.

Characteristics of the Achiever:

  • Rational, materialistic, competitive, striving for excellence, elitist, image-sensitive, success and result-orientated and pragmatic
  • Ambitious and striving for money, status and recognition
  • Result-driven, in search of progress
  • Focused planning and strategy to become better
  • Materialistic focus on competition and needs to win
  • When you want to do it, you can do it
  • Versatile, entrepreneurial, and will take up challenges
  • Flexible and serious
  • Focused on results, growth, and efficiency
  • Play the ‘game”; from rags to riches
  • Image-focused: “You never get a second change for a first impression.”
  • Want to do “fun” things with “fun” people

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What do Achievers Value?

Bottom line: Success and autonomy.

Basic theme: Act in your own self interest by playing the game to win What’s important: Progress, prosperity, optimism, and self-reliance; strategy, risk-taking, and competitiveness; goals, leverage, professional development, and mastery; rationality, objectivism, demonstrated results, technology, and the power of science; use of the earth’s resources to spread the abundant “good life”; advance by learning nature’s secrets and seeking the best solutions

Where seen: The Enlightenment; Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged; Wall Street; emerging middle classes around the world; colonialism, political gamesmanship; sales and marketing field; fashion and cosmetics industries; Chambers of Commerce; the Cold War; materialism; The Riviera, Rodeo Drive

What is the Self Identity of Achievers?

Main focus: Delivery of results, effectiveness, goals; success within the system

Qualities: Primary elements of adult “conscience” are present, including long-term goals, ability for self-criticism, and a deeper sense of responsibility. Interested in causes, reasons, consequences, and the effective use of time; future-oriented and proactive; initiator rather than pawn of system; blind to subjectivity behind objectivity; feel guilt when not meeting own standards or goals; behavioral feedback accepted

How influences others: Provides logical argument, data, experience; makes task/goal-oriented contractual agreements

What is the Ego Development of Achievers?

The Achiever has a 3rd person perspective. They can see things from their 1st person perspective, take on a 2nd person perspective of another person or group via empathy, integrate a 3rd person and see themselves as an object in time.

The critical new dimension of the Achiever perspective involves a full awareness of linear time along with the need for broader relational social context. The third person perspective allows individuals to look backwards and forwards in life. Conscientious folks deliberately want to find out who they are and what they would like to become by consciously exploring past experiences and choices and thinking about the ideal future self. Five to ten years backwards and forwards is now a regularly envisioned timeframe. What do you see yourself having accomplished in five years? is also the most common prompt in conventional job interviews.

Moreover, this is the first stage where people grasp that they can continue to grow in mind and heart as adults. They have places to go, personal goals to reach, and opportunities for self-knowledge and self-improvements. Conscientious folks, cherish self-knowledge and work at increasing it. They generally have positive self-regard based on their capacities and successes. They have gained a measure of independence and self-authorship that makes them feel they are the masters of their ships. As captains of their own self-enterprise they are no longer as vulnerable to being accepted or excluded as Conformists and Self-conscious adults are.

Expanded 3rd Person Perspective:

  • Embrace: Self in society, others with similar goals and aspirations
  • Time frame: Self as it is (traits), self as it should be (goals, ideals)
  • Cognition: formal operations; clear separation of subject and object, knower and known.
  • Preoccupations: Reasons, causes, goals, achievement, effectiveness, contracts and agreements.
  • Positive equilibration: rational, analytical determined, conscientious, fair; successful; competent with high self-esteem
  • Truth: Can be found through appropriate scientific methods if not now later

What are Healthy Expressions of Achievers?

Result-driven, explorative, be able to think strategically, switch pragmatically to solve problems, entrepreneurial.

What are Unhealthy Expressions of Achievers?

Calculating, opportunistic, exploitation of the living environment, manipulative and abusing nature and environment, not taking one’s responsibility, too functional, too busy and losing sight of the human aspect.


  • Spiral Dynamics: Stage Orange 
  • Ken Wilber’s AQAL: Stage Orange
  • Cognitive Development: Formal Operational 
  • Ego Development Stage: Achiever – Conscientious (4)
  • Kegan: Institutional

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