Oracle Archetype

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Card Meaning

The Oracle card symbolizes hope, direction, a clear path forward and renewal. It also represents the constant flow of energy and power

The Oracle is depicted as a naked woman that is pouring out two water jugs of water. The jug in her right hand shows the conscious self and in the left one shows the subconscious self. The flowing water from the jugs shows the flow of life. Her nudity symbolizes the truth and purity, as she has nothing to hide. The background has a blue universal color and represents trust, wisdom, clarity and a universal perspective. She is sitting on a Bodhi tree which represents her imagination and her creations. The stars above her and the ring around her head represent hope and her sence of direction. 

Oracle Archetype

How does the Oracle see the World?


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The world is experienced as holistic living organism made of up complete individual units. Since the micro makes up the macro and the macro is made up of the micro, the macro and micro reflect each other. The big and small mirror each other in and this way, reality is but a mirror. What one sees and experiences is a reflection of their own consciousness and each individual contributes to the whole and together this manifest the entire world. In the same way that your consciousness creates ‘your world’, on scale our ‘collective consciousness’ manifests ‘our collective world’.  

This Oracle sees “a world of interlinked causes and effects, interacting fields of energy, and levels of bonding and communication most people have yet to uncover” (Beck & Cowan, 1996, p. 289). It sees everything at one moment, how things are interdependently related, how everything is connected and that affecting one element of a situation or thing impacts the whole. With incredible alacrity, the Oracle can perceive levels of interaction between all the various waves and the experienced world and respond in ways that strengthen and enrich each element involved. Typically the Oracle likes to “steps back and creates the next form of order” (Beck & Cowan, 1996, p. 290)

The Oracle’s spirituality is one that stands in awe of the nature of consciousness and experience itself. Everything from the immensity of the universe to the smallest aspect of a molecule are awe inspiring. The wonder, awe, and reverence affirms that one can never know or understand all things, nor does one need to. Devoid of fear and imbued with a sense of spiritual illumination that “sees multiple levels of interaction, detects harmonics, the mystical forces, and the pervasive flow-states” (Wilber, 2000b, p. 52) that pervade all of existence, the Oracle flows into oneness with the cosmos. 

This Oracle at this stage realize that consciousness is central to humanities problems. At this stage of consciousness people usually become Gurus, Teachers, Sages or Visionaries. They may also build and guide their communities, which can present challenges with the other levels of the Spiral below them being incongruent with one another.

Characteristics of the Oracle:

  • The Oracle understands that the map is not the territory.
  • The Oracle is in awe of the miracle of the cosmic order and its connections.
  • Sees the universe as both personal and in-personal.
  • Has a clear consciousness and inner peace.
  • Can see the micro and the macro.
  • Understands how polarities (big/small, macro/micro) are two sides of the same coin and how they define each other.
  • Can process and synthesis paradoxes. 
  • Values global perspective as opposed to local.
  • Understands the world as its own organism with a collective mindset.
  • The Oracle can integrate intuition, cognition and instincts. 

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What are the Oracle’s Values?

The basic theme of Oracle is to experience the wholeness of existence through mind and spirit

What’s important: Holistic, intuitive thinking and cooperative actions; waves of integrative energies; uniting feeling with knowledge; seeing the self as both distinct and a blended part of a larger, compassionate whole; recognition that everything connects to everything else in ecological alignments; universal order, but in a living, conscious fashion not based on external rules (amber) or group bonds (green); the possibility and actuality of a “grand unification”; the detection of harmonics, mystical forces, and the pervasive flow-states that permeate any organization

This was seen in David Bohm’s theories; Rupert Sheldrake’s work on morphic fields; Gandhi’s ideas of pluralistic harmony; Mandela’s pluralistic integration; and integral-holistic systems thinking.

What is the Oracle’s self-identity?

Main focus: Interplay of awareness, thought, action, and effects; transforming self and others

Qualities: Highly aware of complexity of meaning making, systemic interactions, and dynamic processes; seeks personal and spiritual transformation and supports others in their life quests; creates events that become mythical and reframe meaning of situations; may understand “ego” as a “central processing unit” that actively creates a sense of identity; increasingly sensitive to the continuous “re-storying” of who one is; may recognize ego as most serious threat to future growth; continually attend to interaction among thought, action, feeling, and perception as well as influences from and effects on individuals, institutions, history and culture; treat time and events as symbolic, analogical, metaphorical (not merely linear, digital, literal); may feel rarely understood in their complexity by others

How influences others: Reframes, turns inside-out, upside-down, clowning, holding up mirror to society; often works behind the scenes

Ego Development

The Oracle has a 5th person perspective. They can see things from their 1st person perspective, take on a 2nd person perspective of another person or group via empathy, integrate a 3rd person and see themselves as an object, take on a 4th person perspective of understanding systems within the context of time and now a 5th person perspective, of how all the other 4 perspectives are interconnected and a part of a bigger whole. At the 5th person perspective they step back and observe meaning-making from an even higher altitude that becomes ‘construct aware’ and ‘ego-aware’. 

The Oracle is aware that meaning is constructed, invented, generated rather than inherent in things, events and concepts. That people and societies create the distinctions that they experience. Naturally, they then create multiple systems and paradigms and integrating them into wholistic matrices and meta-theories. These theories are then shared in the form of stories and cultural narratives. 

During this stage the Ego tries to construct a wholistic matrices and meta-theories of reality. They make better and better Maps. Playing this game of complex numeric abstractions is one way the ego can increase its sense of control and meaning. But for those more interested in the quest for meaning, the simple question arises in the face of hypermentalism “so what?” At some point, the Oracle may begin to realize the full limitations and the absurdity of trying to understand reality with the mind. 

The 5th person perspective enables them to analyze their own propensity  to tell stories and create theories, and explain the nature of reality. This illuminates the nature of the ego and they realize that the “ego” has functioned both as a central processing unit for all incoming stimuli (ego as process) and as a central point of reference for self-identity formation (ego as representation) a distinction first introduced by Funk (1994).

With a greater self awareness, comes ‘Ego-awareness’. They become aware of the ego’s needs to interpret, explain, tell stories and mean making. The transparency of the ego ultimately begins a disintegration process as the ego is sees as nothing more than another construct. As such the paradox of the ego not wanting to have an ego emerges. The more one tries to move beyond with greater effort, the more one gets stuck. Noticing and experiencing such existential dilemmas is common at this stage.

This stage is full of paradox. On one end, the Oracle has great clarity, insight and vision into the nature of reality. On the other hand, its fully aware of how constructed their ego and reality is and that they are playing with maps. They understand that Maps, even their own ego, is ultimately illusionary which leaves them on the edge of meaning and meaninglessness.

Lastly, there are so few individuals at this level, that its mostly a lonely experience. There are feelings that you can’t be understood by your friends and family and in some sense don’t have a peer group.

Healthy Expressions

Those at Stage Turquoise show the following healthy manifestations or characteristics:

  • Turquoise can see the world and cosmos as an integral whole.
  • Individuals at Stage Turquoise are able to solve complex problems effecting the world to benefit the whole Spiral.
  • Turquoise is a deep systems-thinker.
  • Turquoise can connect to source.
  • Turquoise has high integrity and follows through on this.
  • Turquoise make incredible leaders.

Unhealthy Expressions

Turquoise can lack earthly action, due to staying in the spiritual or cosmic consciousness too long.


  • Spiral Dynamics: Stage Turquoise 
  • Ken Wilber’s AQAL: Stage Turquoise
  • Cognitive Development: Late Vision Logic (Post-paradigmatic)
  • Ego Development Stage: Magician – Construct Aware (5/6)
  • Kegan: Inter-individual

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