Sloan Type Accommodating: Characteristics & Hidden Talents of Highly Agreeable Individuals

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What is Sloan Type Accommodating?

(17.1% of women; 14% of men)

Agreeable people tend to be pleasant, accommodating and take pleasure in contributing to the well-being of others. They put the needs of others above their own and take pleasure in making others happy via acts as simple as lending a listening ear or lending a hand. They could take pleasure in mingling with others in group settings, such as family gatherings and social events.

Although people in social settings often display parallel behaviors, it’s critical to understand the underlying causes of an individual’s actions.

Finally, we are more than the sum of our parts; knowing someone’s major attribute might provide us some insight into their conduct, but it is not the whole story. Similar to musical notes, traits may be arranged in a variety of ways. We need to take into account the harmony of our individual qualities while analyzing our personalities.

Seeing the good they can do for other people is what drives them, and they take pride in fostering relationships built on trust and mutual respect. They may have a strong feeling of community and take pleasure in participating in volunteer work or philanthropic initiatives.

Agreeable people are not driven by the desire for fame or fortune, but rather by the fulfillment that comes from improving the quality of life for others. They might enjoy activities that allow them to their caring nature. They want to find amiable solutions to any conflicts that may emerge and place a high priority on maintaining the status quo. However, they are also more likely to avoid conflict alltogether.

Ideal Jobs for Highly Agreeable Individuals


Those who are agreeable tend to be open-minded, sympathetic, and good team players.

Jobs that may suit someone with a high agreeableness quotient include the following.

Social workers: They are defined by their commitment to assisting those in need, frequently in trying circumstances. Very pleasant people who naturally exhibit compassion and empathy tend to thrive in this field.

Teaching: Teaching calls for tolerance, compassion, and teamwork. Those that are naturally amiable typically find fulfillment in helping others and might thrive in such a profession.

Counseling: Counseling and treatment need for a robust capacity for empathy and perspective-taking. Those who are naturally pleasant have a better chance of connecting with their clients and inspiring them to make great life choices.

Human resources: HR experts frequently act as go-betweens for staff and upper management. Very pleasant people can succeed in this position because they are good at bridging the gap between the two parties and hearing their concerns.

Customer Service: To work in customer service, you need to be able to communicate effectively and keep your cool under pressure. Those who are naturally affable and who are good at building rapport will do well in this field.

Poor Job Fits for People High in Agreeableness

Although those who are naturally amiable may excel in many fields, they may struggle in others.

Some instances are as follows:

Sales: Jobs in sales may be cutthroat, and being aggressive and persistent in pursuit of a sale is sometimes necessary. Those who are naturally amiable may have difficulty in this line of work because they place a higher priority on maintaining harmonious relationships than on solving problems.

Entrepreneurship: Establishing a business involves a strong tolerance for risk and the ability to make difficult choices. For those who are not used to dealing with conflict or making tough choices, the pressures of operating a business might be too much to bear.

Law enforcement: Those in law enforcement must be willing to enforce laws and, at times, confront criminals. Those who tend to avoid arguments and prefer finding middle ground to fighting may find this line of employment challenging.

Sports: Highly agreeable people may have a hard time in very competitive, winner take all environment that require putting one’s interest above others. 

Politics: Politics can be an extremely cutthroat and antagonistic profession, requiring its practitioners to be confident debaters. Those who have a habit of seeking out consensus and avoiding arguments may suffer in such a setting.

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