Sloan Type Organized: Characteristics & Hidden Talents of a High Conscientiousness Person

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What is Sloan Type Organized?

(11.4% of women; 8.4% of men)

Those who are extremely conscientious work hard and aim for balance and success. They are more at ease in a structured workplace and value the stability an employer may provide. They tend to be frugal and preserve money rather than waste it. They’d rather read a factual book or watch a documentary than go out and have fun.

Organized individuals people are motivated and seek to be good, balanced, and have integrity. The likes of tattoos, political unrest, and upheaval are looked down upon, whereas hard labor and established norms are highly valued. It’s important to them that their achievements serve as examples for others.

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Those that are naturally organized take pleasure in organizing their time and ensuring that everything works properly. Activities like cleaning, organizing, and developing new methods to boost productivity could also appeal to them. They have a strong feeling of duty and responsibility and take pride in their accomplishments.

Although people in social settings often display parallel behaviors, it’s critical to understand the underlying causes of an individual’s actions.

Finally, we are more than the sum of our parts; knowing someone’s major attribute might provide us some insight into their conduct, but it is not the whole story. Similar to musical notes, traits may be arranged in a variety of ways. We need to take into account the harmony of our individual qualities while analyzing our personalities.

Ideal Jobs for a High Conscientiousness Persons

People high in conscientiousness tend to be diligent, detail-oriented, and dependable. They are often good at planning and organizing their work, and are motivated to achieve their goals. 

Here are some ideal jobs for people high in conscientiousness:

Accountant: Accountants need to be organized, detail-oriented, and able to follow rules and regulations. People high in conscientiousness tend to excel in these areas, making them well-suited for careers in accounting.

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Project Manager: Project managers are responsible for organizing and overseeing complex projects, which requires strong organizational skills and attention to detail. People high in conscientiousness tend to thrive in this type of work.

Healthcare professional: Healthcare professionals, such as nurses or physicians, need to be reliable and detail-oriented to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. Organized people tend to be well-suited for this type of work.

Engineer: Engineers need to be precise, detail-oriented, and able to follow a clear structure. People high in conscientiousness tend to excel in these areas, making them well-suited for careers in engineering.

Lawyer: Lawyers need to be diligent, detail-oriented, and able to follow complex set rules, procedures and regulations. Ordered people tend to excel in these areas, making them well-suited for careers in law.

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Poor Job Fits for People High in Conscientiousness

Although people who are extremely detail-oriented, organized, and methodical tend to excel in many fields, there are some occupations that may prove more difficult for someone with such strong personal qualities.

Some instances are as follows:

Creative Jobs: Jobs that involve creativity and experimentation may not be the best fit for people with a strong preference for order and structure.

This is because they may be less interested in taking chances and more concerned with following the rules and maintaining order.

Sales: Extremely conscientious people may find the continual pressure to fulfill sales objectives and operate under tight deadlines difficult to handle.

Entrepreneurship: Those who value order and predictability may find it difficult to launch a firm since doing so takes a great deal of risk-taking and adaptability.

Research: Some people may find the sluggish pace of research unpleasant or tiresome, but it’s a fantastic fit for those who are very meticulous and love thorough, systematic work.

Professions with a lot of room for interpretation: Those who put a premium on precision may struggle in occupations where there is a lot of room for interpretation and interpretation.

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Sloan Types & Big 5 Traits

Big 5 TraitSloan HighSloan Low
ExtraversionSocial (S)Reserved (R)
NeuroticismLimbic (L)Calm (C )
ConscientiousnessOrganized (O)Unstructured (U)
AgreeablenessAccommodating (A)Egocentric (E)
OpennessInquisitive (I) Non-curious (N)
Big 5 Traits and Sloan Dichotomies Chart

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SLOAN Big Five Key

32 Big 5 Sloan Types

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