What Does 3w4 Mean?

Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 (3w4) is a unique and complex personality type that combines the ambitious, success-driven characteristics of the core Enneagram Type 3 with the introspective, creative tendencies of Type 4.

Often called “The Expert,” people with this unique blend are known for their goal-oriented nature and desire for success, while simultaneously appreciating aesthetics and authenticity in life.

As opposed to a 3w2, who may be more extroverted and people-oriented due to the influence of type Two – The Helper wing, an individual with a 3w4 classification tends to be more introspective and artistic.

As individuals, 3w4 personalities are driven by their desire for achievement while also seeking personal authenticity and emotional depth. This can lead to an ongoing struggle between upholding their image-conscious exterior and connecting with their inner emotions.

This can lead them towards professions like architecture, marketing, or public relations – roles where they can showcase their creative skills alongside achieving success.

What are the Characteristics of Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4?

Enneagram 3w4, also known as “The Expert,” is a unique personality type that blends the ambition and goal-oriented nature of Type 3 with the introspective and creative traits of Type 4.

This combination creates individuals who are highly focused on achieving success while maintaining an authentic sense of self. They have a deep need to feel valued and appreciated for their uniqueness, which drives them to excel in their endeavors.

People with this personality type are often successful professionals who enjoy taking up challenging projects or setting new trends within their respective fields. Their organizational skills combined with creativity make them exceptionally efficient at what they do.

However, despite being highly driven by achievement and recognition, Enneagram 3w4s tend to be more introspective than typical Threes; they frequently engage in self-reflection to better understand themselves as well as others around them.

An example worth mentioning would be Lady Gaga – her bold fashion choices showcasing her individuality coupled with immense talent made her stand out amongst other pop stars while still managing an incredibly thriving career.

enneagram 3 weaknesses

What are Enneagram Type 3w4 Strengths and Weaknesses?

Enneagram Type 3w4 individuals possess a unique blend of traits that contribute to their overall personality and resilience. Below is a list of some common strengths and weaknesses associated with the 3w4 personality type:


  1. Goal-oriented: Driven by ambition, 3w4s are persistent in achieving their objectives.
  2. Creative: Their type 4 wing lends a touch of creativity and artistic flair to their pursuits.
  3. Adaptable: Enneagram 3w4s are known for being able to adjust to different situations and environments quickly.
  4. Charismatic: They have an innate ability to connect with others, making them effective communicators and leaders.
  5. Self-aware: The introspective nature of the 3w4 allows them to reflect on their actions and make self-improvements.


  1. Fear of failure: The high expectations placed upon themselves can lead to overwhelming anxiety about potential mistakes or setbacks.
  2. Insecurity: Fluctuating between overconfidence and self-doubt makes it challenging for them consistently to maintain healthy self-esteem levels.
  3. Overly focused on work: Their strong drive for success may cause them to neglect personal relationships or aspects of their own well-being.
  4. Identity struggles: Striving for authenticity while also chasing external validation can create internal conflicts within the 3w4 personality type.
  5. Emotional volatility: As they possess both achievement-driven (Type 3) and emotional (Type 4) traits, they may experience mood swings or intense emotions more frequently than other Enneagram types

What are the main Personality Traits for Enneagram 3 wing 4?

Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 individuals have a unique set of personality traits that make them stand out from other types.

Here is a list of traits commonly associated with this type:

  1. Artistic and creative
  2. Emotional and authentic in thought and behavior
  3. Organized and productive
  4. Highly motivated towards achieving success and accomplishment
  5. Vigilant of their social appearance
  6. Appreciative of beauty in all forms
  7. Innovative and innovative-minded
  8. Self-assured, attractive, charming, and energetic
  9. Can be status-conscious
  10. Driven for advancement while seeking to be self-improving.

These individuals are always seeking ways to improve themselves while projecting an image of success to those around them. They often find motivation in their goals or career pursuits but will also take time to appreciate the finer things in life such as beauty and creativity. Despite their strengths, they can experience insecurity, particularly when it comes to failing or not living up to their potential -which is one key trait that makes them stand out from other Enneagram Types.

Overall, Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 profiles are well-rounded personalities with an abundance of positive traits that make them successful in various fields, including business, marketing, advertising, public relations & the arts sectors amongst others!

What are Type 3w4’s Core Fear, Basic Desire, and Key Motivation?

The Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 has a unique set of characteristics that help define their personality, driven by their basic fear, basic desire, and key motivation. The chart below outlines these key aspects in order to provide a better understanding of this particular type.

  • Core Fear: Being unworthy or worthless
  • Basic Desire: To feel loved and admired
  • Key Motivation: A need for attention, admiration, and striving to avoid feeling worthless.

These aspects play a vital role in shaping the thoughts, emotions, and actions of individuals who identify as Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4, influencing their decisions and relationships in various ways. By understanding these fundamental traits, one can better comprehend the core of the 3w4 personality and learn to navigate its complexities.

How Rare is Personality Type 3w4?

While there is no clear data on the exact rarity of 3w4, it is generally considered to be a less common Enneagram type. This may be due to the fact that individuals with this personality type have somewhat contradictory traits that can create internal tension.

Their drive for success and achievement clashes with their introspective nature and desire for individual uniqueness, making them complex individuals who are not easily categorized.

Who are Famous People, Characters, Anime, and Memes that exhibit Enneagram 3w4 Personality?

Enneagram 3w4 personality types are often characterized by ambition, drive, and a focus on an image, combined with a sense of uniqueness and creativity. Here are famous people, fictional characters, anime characters, and memes that exhibit the Enneagram 3w4 traits:

Famous People:

  1. Lady Gaga: The acclaimed singer, songwriter, and actress is known for her ambitious drive and flamboyant, artistic persona. She combines a need for achievement with a unique, creative edge, reflecting 3w4 characteristics.
  2. Steve Jobs: The late co-founder of Apple was renowned for his visionary outlook and relentless drive for innovation. His combination of ambition and creativity epitomizes the 3w4 personality.

Fictional Characters:

  1. Don Draper from Mad Men: As an advertising executive, Don Draper is ambitious, image-conscious, and success-oriented. He also exhibits the 4-wing traits through his creative thinking and a sense of depth and complexity in his personality.
  2. Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The eccentric and creative chocolatier, portrayed by Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp, is driven to build a candy empire. His blend of creativity and ambition represents 3w4 traits.

Anime Characters:

  1. Light Yagami from Death Note: Light is highly ambitious and driven to change the world according to his vision. His strong sense of uniqueness and elaborate, creative plans make him a 3w4 personality.
  2. Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler: Ciel is a young and ambitious aristocrat with a sophisticated and unique sense of style. His determined pursuit of his goals and flair for creativity reflect 3w4 characteristics.


  1. “Distracted Boyfriend”: The meme depicting a man looking at another woman while with his girlfriend could be seen as reflecting a 3w4’s ambition and desire for something more unique or fulfilling, though in a humorous and exaggerated manner.
  2. “Galaxy Brain”: This meme, showing a progression of increasingly complex and absurd thoughts or ideas, could symbolize the 3w4’s drive for unique and creative thinking.

In addition, here are two more characters from mixed categories:

  1. Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada: Miranda, played by Meryl Streep, is a powerful and ambitious magazine editor. She is known for her impeccable taste, creativity, and high standards, which reflect the 3w4 traits.
  2. Kusuo Saiki from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Saiki is an anime character with psychic abilities. He desires a normal life but constantly uses his powers creatively to solve problems, representing a blend of ambition and creativity akin to a 3w4.
enneagram 3

3w4 vs 3w2: How is Enneagram 3w4s Similar and Different than 3w2s?

Although both 3w2 and 3w4 share the same core type, there are distinct differences between the two. The major difference lies in their priorities – a 3w2 is more focused on relationships while a 3w4 is more dedicated to their profession or craft.

In terms of personality traits, 3w2s tend to be more friendly and extroverted, while their counterparts with a Four wing may seem more reserved but are often dedicated and stubborn.

To determine which one you are, it’s essential to take an accurate Enneagram wings test.

Similarities And Differences

Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 and Type 3 Wing 2 share many similarities since they are both driven by the need for achievement and recognition.

However, there are a few key differences that set them apart:


  • Both types are highly competitive and goal-oriented.
  • They tend to project an image of success and accomplishment to others.
  • Threes with either wing type are social chameleons who can adapt easily to different situations and social cues.
  • Both types can be quite people-oriented, making them skilled at networking and relationship-building.


  • Type 3 Wing 4 personalities are more introspective than their Type 2 counterparts since they have a Four wing, which is focused on authenticity and self-expression.
  • Threes with a Four-wing may also be more insecure or self-doubting than those with a Two-wing due to the influence of the Four’s emotional intensity.
  • While both types strive for success, Threes with a Two-wing may place more emphasis on helping others achieve their goals than those with a Four-wing.
  • The biggest difference between these two types is that Type 3 Wing 2s tend to be extroverted, while Type 3 Wing 4s can be introverted. This means that they may have different strategies for achieving success – one by being outgoing and persuasive, the other by being strategic and analytical.

How Do I Know If I’m A 3w4 Or A 3w2?

enneagram 3 wings

If you’re a Type 3, understanding your wing is crucial to accurately identifying your Enneagram type. While both 3w2 and 3w4 share many similarities, such as being driven by the need for success and achievement, they have distinct differences that set them apart.

If you find yourself more introspective and serious than other Type 3s, with a tendency towards creative expression or artistic pursuits, you may lean towards having a Four-wing (3w4).

On the other hand, if you are more people-oriented, social chameleon-like, and focused on helping others achieve success as well as your own goals- promoting yourself to look good in front of others- then it’s likely that you have Two-wing tendencies (3w2).

What is the Best Enneagram Wings Test?

The Enneagram wings test is a helpful tool in determining one’s dominant wing personality type, however, the ultimate determination often requires personal exploration, introspection, and a deeper understanding of the Enneagram system.

Here are 3 steps you can take to pin down your wing:

  1. Take the Enneagram Personality Test and determine your Enneatype
  2. See what other Enneatypes you scored highly in. If your second-highest score was in a neighboring Enneatype, then this could be your wing.
  3. Lastly, read the descriptions of the 9 Enneagram Types and see how well the test results fit you.  For example, if your highest result was Enneatype 3 and Type 4 was your second highest, how well do they describe your motivations, fears, and desires?

Ultimately, determining your Enneagram wing can be accomplished through a combination of subjective self-reflection and the insights gained from Enneagram tests.

What are Enneagram Type 3w4 Relationships like?

Enneagram Type 3w4 individuals are known for their intense relationships. They are highly motivated to achieve success in all aspects of their lives, including their personal relationships.

In friendships, Enneagram Type 3w4s are loyal and devoted friends who enjoy connecting with others who share similar interests and goals. When it comes to dating, they look for partners who appreciate hard work, creativity, and ambition while also being emotionally expressive.

Communication strategies with other types on the chart can vary since Enneagram Type 3w4s may need to adapt their approach depending on each individual’s unique personality traits.

When conflict arises in relationships, boundary-setting is important for Enneagram Type 3w4 individuals because they tend to overcommit themselves and avoid confrontations due to fear of rejection or criticism.

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How are Enneagram type 3w4s as friends?

Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 personalities value friendships that are genuine and supportive. They tend to prioritize their work over social engagements, which means they may have a smaller but close-knit group of friends who appreciate their determination and drive.

However, Threes with Four Wings can sometimes struggle with vulnerability and authenticity in relationships as they tend to project an image of themselves rather than showing their true selves.

In order to build meaningful friendships, Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 personalities need to practice being more introspective and vulnerable with their emotions.

For example, when it comes to building deeper relationships with others, Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4s can benefit from engaging in activities that allow them to be more reflective such as journaling or mindfulness practices.

They also need to communicate openly about their goals and aspirations while still being open-minded towards different perspectives from others.

How are Enneagram type 3w4s in dating?

enneagram 3 dating

When it comes to dating, Enneagram Type 3w4 individuals are driven by their desire for success and achievement in all areas of life. They often seek partners who share this same drive and ambition, as well as those who appreciate their unique creativity and authenticity.

In terms of compatibility, Enneagram Type 8s and 9s are natural matches for 3w4s due to shared values such as determination and loyalty. Additionally, type 6s or 2s may also make good partners if they can provide the emotional support that a 3w4 needs in order to feel valued beyond just their accomplishments.

What are the Best Communication Strategies between Enneagram 3w4 Personality and the other Enneagram Types?

Effective communication is essential for building strong relationships with people of various Enneagram types. Understanding each type’s communication preferences helps Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 (3w4) individuals to connect and communicate more effectively. The following table highlights the best communication strategies for 3w4 with each of the nine Enneagram types.

Enneagram TypeCommunication Strategy
Type 1: The ReformerBe clear, concise, and logical while discussing. Focus on facts, and be open to constructive criticism.
Type 2: The HelperShow appreciation and gratitude for their support, be empathetic, and engage in active listening to build rapport and trust.
Type 3: The AchieverCommunicate goals and achievements clearly, focus on growth and progress, and provide constructive feedback.
Type 4: The IndividualistValidate their emotions, share personal experiences, and encourage their creativity and self-expression.
Type 5: The InvestigatorBe concise, focus on facts and information, provide intellectual stimulation, and respect their need for personal space.
Type 6: The LoyalistBe honest and transparent, show loyalty and trustworthiness, and provide support and reassurance during decision-making processes.
Type 7: The EnthusiastBe enthusiastic, focus on the positive, and engage in stimulating conversations about various topics, ideas, and experiences.
Type 8: The ChallengerBe direct, assertive, and straightforward, respect their need for autonomy, and engage in healthy, respectful debates.
Type 9: The PeacemakerBe patient, calm, and understanding, emphasize common ground, and encourage their participation and expression of opinions.
Best Communication Strategies Enneagram 3w4

By employing these communication strategies, Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 individuals can create stronger connections and navigate conversations with people of varying Enneagram types more effectively.

How do you resolve conflicts with Enneagram Type 3w4s?

Resolving conflicts with Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 individuals can be a bit challenging, especially since they have high expectations of themselves and others. When faced with conflict, they tend to be direct and assertive in their communication style, often expressing their feelings and opinions openly.

To resolve conflicts with an Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 individual, it’s essential to address the issue head-on by calmly discussing each other’s perspectives and finding common ground.

Providing them with positive feedback on their strengths will help them overcome any doubts about themselves, increasing the chances of reaching a resolution together.

How Well Do Type 3w4s Set Boundaries?

As an Enneagram 3w4, it’s essential to understand the importance of boundary setting in personal and professional relationships. With their need for success and achievement, 3w4s can sometimes neglect their emotional well-being, leading to burnout or dissatisfaction.

Examples of boundary setting include communicating clear expectations with colleagues or friends about workload or social activities and saying no when necessary.

It’s crucial for 3w4s to prioritize self-care to avoid overcommitting themselves and compromising on their goals.

Enneagram 3w4 Career & Job Possibilities

enneagram type 3 careers

Enneagram 3w4 individuals are highly ambitious and driven, making them well-suited for careers that require goal-setting and achievement. They thrive in competitive environments and are often drawn to high-pressure jobs such as financial analysts, investment bankers, venture capitalists, or lawyers.

These individuals excel at project management due to their efficient entrepreneurial energy combined with the sensitive nature of their four. Their ability to see the bigger picture while also paying attention to minute details makes them great leaders with excellent problem-solving skills.

However, it is essential for 3w4s to ensure that they find a balance between career goals and taking care of themselves emotionally and mentally.

What are the Most Suitable Jobs for Enneagram 3w4?

Enneagram 3w4 individuals possess a unique combination of competitiveness, creativity, and goal orientation that makes them well-suited for certain types of careers.

Here are some of the most suitable jobs for Enneagram type 3 wing 4 individuals:

  1. Architect: Enneagram 3w4 individuals possess strong creative skills and the ability to envision and execute complex designs, making architecture a great career choice.
  2. Publicist: With their competitive nature and ability to get others’ attention, Enneagram 3w4s can excel in public relations and marketing, particularly as publicists.
  3. Financial Analyst: The ability to set goals and track progress makes financial analysis an ideal career path for Enneagram type 3 wing 4 individuals.
  4. Venture Capitalist: The competitive nature of venture capitalism appeals to Enneagram type 3s, while their creativity helps them spot new opportunities.
  5. Investment Banker: With a focus on achieving success in high-pressure environments, Enneagram type 3 wing 4 individuals can thrive in investment banking roles.
  6. Lawyer: An excellent career choice for those who are both goal-oriented and creative in problem-solving.
  7. Operations Manager: Being able to set goals while overseeing day-to-day operations is another suitable job choice for this personality type.
  8. Business Producer: A natural fit for those with a business mindset looking to showcase their creativity through content creation or media production.
  9. Purchasing Manager: The ability to negotiate deals and find new opportunities aligns with this personality’s strengths.
  10. Real Estate Agent: Enneagram type 3 wings can use their competitive drive to pursue real estate sales targets while turning creative visions into attractive property listings.
  11. Media & Film Producer: With unparalleled drive fueled by their raw determination to succeed, producing movies or other media aligns with many key personality traits of Type Three Wing Four individuals.Suitable jobs for Enneagram type 3 wing 4 individuals are those that recognize and reward their creativity, goal orientation, and competitive drive. These careers allow them to excel while pursuing professional success and personal growth.

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Career Development

Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 (3w4) individuals are known for their strong work ethic and focus on career success. In terms of career development, it’s important for them to channel their motivation toward roles that align with their values and passions.

To continue growing professionally, 3w4s should prioritize networking and seeking out opportunities for skill-building and learning. However, it’s essential not to sacrifice personal relationships or self-care in the pursuit of professional goals – this can lead to burnout or unhealthy behaviors.

Personal Development

enneagram 3 development

Understanding one’s Enneagram Type and wing is merely the starting point of personal development. For Type 3w4, it’s essential to find a balance between achieving their goals while not neglecting their emotional and creative sides.

One way to do this is by setting realistic goals that align with their values rather than just focusing on external validation.

To develop a healthy personality as a 3w4, it’s crucial to acknowledge their insecurities and work towards building self-confidence through regular positive affirmations.

They should also prioritize authentic human connections over superficial ones based solely on success or image projection.

How To Benefit From Being A 3w4

As a 3w4, you have an immense drive for success and achievement. However, your dominant Four wings can help balance out that ambition by encouraging introspection and personal growth.

One way to achieve this is through mindfulness practices like meditation or journaling. These can help you tune into your emotions and inner thoughts, allowing you to better understand yourself and make decisions based on what truly matters to you.

Ultimately, as a 3w4, embracing both your competitive drive and unique qualities can lead to a fulfilling life of accomplishment combined with meaningful self-discovery.

Healthy Vs. Unhealthy

3 enneagram healthy

Healthy Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 individuals strive for a balance between their success-oriented nature and their emotions. They are confident, self-assured, and able to present themselves in a polished manner without sacrificing authenticity.

Unhealthy Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 individuals can find themselves suppressing emotions to maintain appearances or obsessing over being perceived as successful.

They may become manipulative or deceitful towards others to achieve personal gain. Additionally, they can withdraw into self-pity when feeling disappointed with themselves or their accomplishments.

What are the Levels Of Development for Core Type 3?

Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 personalities, like every other personality type, can develop and grow over time.

The levels of development for this personality type are as follows:

Healthy Levels

  • Level 1 (At Their Best: Self-Actualizing): Type 3 individuals at this level are deeply authentic, value-driven, and altruistic. They are self-assured and able to devote themselves to worthwhile causes. They are inspiring and help others to achieve their best.
  • Level 2: At this level, Type 3 individuals are very adaptable, excelling in whatever they set their mind to. They are ambitious, energetic, and highly competent.
  • Level 3: Type 3s are highly efficient, pragmatic, and goal-oriented. They strive for success and make excellent role models. They are often admired for their achievements and capabilities.

Average Levels:

  • Level 4: The focus on achievement becomes more intense. They start worrying about their image and become highly concerned with how others perceive them. There might be a tendency to be competitive.
  • Level 5 (Average Level): At this level, Type 3 individuals might start cutting corners to maintain their image of success. They become more concerned with appearances than with the actual substance of their work.
  • Level 6: The fear of failure starts taking a toll. They might become deceptive, with the risk of jeopardizing their integrity to maintain an image of success. The desire for validation becomes intense.

Unhealthy Levels

  • Level 7: At this level, Type 3s might experience a fear of worthlessness and can become opportunistic, vindictive, and excessively driven by a need to sustain their image.
  • Level 8: They may lose touch with who they truly are, becoming alienated not only from others but from themselves. They might engage in reckless behavior to escape feelings of emptiness.
  • Level 9 (At Their Worst: Unhealthy): At this level, Type 3 individuals might become severely depressed, feeling that they are a failure. They might become apathetic, lethargic, and feel profoundly worthless and unlovable. It’s important to remember that individuals can move between these levels throughout their lives. Personal growth, self-awareness, and supportive environments can help individuals progress to healthier levels. Conversely, stress and adverse situations can cause a regression to less healthy states.

Self-Care And Personal Growth Plan

enneagram 3 growth

A Self-Care and Personal Growth Plan can be especially beneficial for Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 (3w4) personalities. These individuals are driven to succeed but may struggle with self-doubt and insecurity that can lead to burnout.

Some effective practices for a Self-Care and Personal Growth Plan include mindfulness and meditation exercises, personal goal-setting and achievement, and journaling or self-reflection.

By taking care of themselves both mentally and physically through regular self-care practices such as exercise or hobbies they enjoy, Enneagram Type 3 wing 4 personalities can maintain balance while still pursuing their goals.

Mindfulness And Meditation Practices

For Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 personalities, mindfulness, and meditation practices can be powerful tools to slow down and focus on the present. Incorporating daily mindfulness practices such as yoga or breathing exercises can help Type 3s find a balance between their ambition and the inner world.

In addition to promoting a more centered and peaceful mindset, practicing mindfulness techniques may also improve overall physical health by reducing stress levels in the body.

For example, deep breathing exercises have been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate while promoting relaxation.

Personal Goal-Setting And Achievement

Enneagram Type 3w4 individuals are exceptionally driven and goal-oriented, constantly striving for success in their pursuits. To accomplish these goals, they need a clear plan of action and specific targets to work towards.

To start setting personal goals, 3w4s should consider what motivates them and set realistic objectives that align with those motivations. They can break down larger goals into smaller steps, creating achievable milestones along the way to keep themselves motivated.

For threes with a four wing, achieving their personal goals often requires an equal focus on both external recognition and internal fulfillment. Finding a balance between these two aspects will ensure that they are satisfied with both the outcome of their efforts as well as the process itself.

Journaling And Self-Reflection

Journaling and self-reflection are excellent practices for Enneagram Type Threes with a Four-Wing. As self-awareness is a key aspect of their personalities, writing down thoughts, feelings, and goals in a journal can help 3w4s understand themselves better.

Additionally, journaling allows 3w4s to express emotions that they may have difficulty verbalizing. This practice can also serve as a form of therapy and stress relief.

How Compatible are 3 Wing 4 And the Other Enneagram Types?

Enneagram Type 3w4 personalities are known to be effective at building relationships and connecting with others. In terms of romantic partnerships, they are compatible with individuals who share similar values and goals.

In terms of friendships, Enneagram Type 3w4 personality types tend to seek out individuals who share their ambition and desire for self-improvement. They work well with other success-driven types.

Each of the nine Enneatypes has a unique set of fears, desires, and motivations. Exploring the compatibility between Enneatypes reveals the strengths and challenges of interactions.

Here is a list of the relationship dynamics between Enneagram 3W2 and the other 9 Enneagram Types.

Compatibility With Type 1: The Reformer

Enneagram Type 1 Reformers and Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4 personalities may have a great deal in common when it comes to striving for excellence and purposeful living.

Both types are highly goal-oriented and driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact, whether on their personal or professional lives. Type 1s seek to always do what is right, honorable, and ethical, while 3w4s focus on achieving success through hard work, determination, and an unwavering commitment to their goals.

An example of this compatibility is seen in business partnerships between entrepreneurs who share similar values. Take Steve Jobs (Type 1) and Steve Wozniak (Type 3 Wing Four).

Compatibility With Type 2: The Helper

Enneagram Type 3 individuals with a Four wing, or 3w4s, may find compatibility with individuals of Type 2, also known as “The Helper.” Threes are success-driven and focused on achieving their goals, while Twos prioritize helping others.

In friendships, this pairing can be beneficial as Threes with a Four wing may become more introspective and compassionate under the influence of Two’s nurturing personality traits.

In romantic relationships, these two types may experience challenges due to potential clashes between the Three’s drive for success and the Two’s desire for emotional connection.

Compatibility With Type 3: The Achiever

Enneagram Type 3 Wing 4, or the Achiever with a Four Wing, can have a great connection with other Enneagram 3s who share their drive and ambition. They understand each other’s need to succeed and appreciate one another’s accomplishments.

To build healthy relationships with other threes, 3w4s should work on their self-awareness and focus on genuine connections rather than just networking for personal gain.

They should also learn to balance their ambition with empathy for others’ feelings and concerns.

Compatibility With Type 4: The Individualist

Type 4 individuals are generally idealistic and tend to be attracted to similarly authentic and passionate individuals. As 3w4s value authenticity in their artistic expression, while also striving for recognition and success, they may find that they have a natural connection with type 4s.

In terms of romantic relationships, some experts suggest that compatibility depends on individual traits and tendencies rather than enneagram types alone.

For example, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is often mentioned as a potential 3w4 due to her driven yet creative personality, while actor Ryan Gosling has been described as possessing both the intensity of a type 4 and the charm of a type 3.

Compatibility With Type 5: The Investigator

Enneagram Type 3s with a Four wing can have an intriguing connection with the cerebral and solitary Type 5 Observer. Both personality types share a strong motivation to excel in their respective fields, but while 3w4s are more extroverted and socially aware, Fives tend to be introspective, analytical, and private.

However, 3w4s can appreciate the intellectual curiosity of Investigators, as well as their ability to challenge conventional wisdom and follow their own path. Moreover, when both types feel comfortable enough to open up about their emotions and vulnerabilities, they may find that they share some common struggles related to self-esteem or identity formation.

Compatibility With Type 6: The Loyalist

Enneagram Type 6, also known as The Loyalist, is associated with compatibility with Type 3 wing 4 (3w4). Sixes bring traits such as grounding, hard work, and personal loyalty to the relationship with Threes.

In a Type 3 and Type 6 relationship, Threes should communicate with Sixes in a direct and concise manner. As motivated by the need for security and stability, Sixes can sometimes be anxious and highly committed.

When in an unhealthy state of mind, they may become suspicious or paranoid leading to conflicts in their relationships with the success-driven Threes.

Compatibility With Type 7: The Enthusiast

Enneagram Type 3w4 individuals can have a harmonious relationship with those who identify as Enneagram Type 7: The Enthusiast. Both types are naturally outgoing, optimistically looking towards the future, and preferring to focus on positive aspects of life rather than dwelling on negatives.

While type 3s tend to be more goal-oriented, they can appreciate the adventurous nature of type 7s and may even enjoy being pulled along for the ride at times.

However, it’s important for both parties to keep an open line of communication, as type 3s may sometimes feel overlooked or underappreciated if they believe their contributions are being overshadowed by their partner’s exuberance.

Examples of famous people with these types include Taylor Swift (3w4) and Oprah Winfrey (7).

Compatibility With Type 8: The Challenger

Enneagram Type 3w4 can have a dynamic relationship with Type 8: The Challenger. Both types are confident and goal-oriented, making them strong leaders who enjoy taking control of situations.

However, threes tend to be more image-conscious than eights, who prioritize authenticity and strength. While this difference may cause conflicts at times, it can also lead to a healthy balance in the relationship as the three bring an eye for presentation while the eighth provides honesty and directness.

Compatibility With Type 9: The Peacemaker

Type 3w4 individuals can have harmonious and satisfying relationships with Type 9s, also known as Peacemakers. As natural mediators, peacemakers tend to be empathetic and understanding partners who value harmony in their relationships.

The supportive and gentle personality traits of Type 9s can balance out the driven and ambitious nature of Type 3w4s. Both types are motivated by a desire for peace, albeit with different objectives: while the Peacemaker seeks inner tranquility, the Expert strives for external success through mastering professional skills.

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