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If you have a dream in which you travel across different landscapes, it could reflect where you are in your life or the connections you have. Concerning the rest of the world and the people in your immediate environment, how do you see yourself? Think about what’s happening in the surrounding environment and how it might relate to your own waking life. In particular, a desolate or arid landscape is indicative of unhappiness in one’s romantic relationships.

Freud believed that the scenery in a dream represented the human body in some way. The female body is represented by a landscape with gentle contours, whereas the masculine body is represented by a terrain with rough contours. Also, take into account the emotions that are evoked by the scenery.

To dream of landscapes that are constantly shifting represents mental or emotional development if you are making progress. It is a visual representation of the many facets of your existence. Alternatively, it may present you with a variety of perspectives to consider when looking at the same topic or circumstance. Something may be slipping away from your grip. Examine the meanings that are attributed to the significant features of the landscape.

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