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Having a dream in which you are carrying a knife represents resentment, hostility, and a desire for isolation. It’s possible that there is at least one thing in your life that has to be eliminated completely. And that you need to dissolve some relationships or cut links with certain people. Thus, you need to be more divisive.

Alternatively, a knife can symbolize sexual conflict or friction in a sexual relationship.

If the knife is dull, it is an indication that your labor will produce little or no reward despite your best efforts.

A dream in which you are cut by a knife suggests that you will behave aggressively in a manly or animalistic manner.

Seeing someone else carry a knife is a sign that you do not have enough control or influence over a situation or a relationship. The person carrying a knife in your dream may be a metaphor for a powerful masculine figure in your waking life. This interpretation is based on the fact that you dreamed about the individual.

Having a dream in which you see an electric knife represents your ability to cut through the nonsense and get to the bottom of a matter fast.

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