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A dream in which you are abusing another person is a warning that the consequences of your actions in the past will catch up with you. It’s possible that you’re feeling guilty or sorry for the things you’ve done in the past.

A dream in which you are the subject of verbal or physical abuse may be an indication that you are experiencing feelings of helplessness in your waking life. You are the victim of someone taking advantage of you.

Having dreams in which you mistreat or otherwise mistreat animals is a sign that you are repressing your own primordial desires. One of the most significant aspects of who you are cannot be expressed in its entirety by you. Alternatively, it may be a metaphor for the powerlessness you feel in a given circumstance.

If you have a dream in which you see children being mistreated, it suggests that your own inner child does not have a voice. You have the impression that a portion of your own childhood has been taken away.

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