Body Language of Eye Contact

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Hi, welcome to the section of the site dedicated to the body language of eye contact and its application.

Here you can discover all sorts of information related to the body language of the eyes:

  • What makes the eyes the center of attention?
  • How to make eye contact?
  • How long to hold it?
  • Types of gazes and their uses
  • How to know if someone is into you?
  • Can an ‘honest’ stare in the eyes – lie?
  • What can we tell from the size of the eye pupil?

If any of these questions passed in your mind, now is the time to see what’s this all about.

Let’s start with:

Why the Eyes?

It is said that the eyes are the windows to our soul, that they have that “spark” that makes us look alive and human.

Well, I don’t know much about that, but what I do know – is that if someone turns his back to you to avoid your gaze – that’s ****ing annoying.

Why is that it though? What makes eye contact hold so much weight in our opinion that without it we feel ignored and unimportant?

It takes more than a line to answer this question so let’s begin with: The importance of eye contact.

a close up photo of a woman

If I did convince you about the significance of it (and I’m sure I did), let’s see how to take action and improve it:

Part 1 – How long do we need to maintain eye contact? 
Part 2 – How to make and keep it through different types of gazes

The Practical Uses

After we’ve established the foundation of why and how let’s see some practical uses for the body language of eyes. Things like how to intimidate, show superiority, and seduce with the eyes:

Proper Eye Contact:

  • Learn how to control the flow of conversation whether you’re the listener or speaker.
  • Women can easily seduce and disarm men with their eyes, let’s look at some of them: Attractive eye body language signals.
  • Let’s see how the male gaze can be used to establish dominance. Also, how to use the glare to intimidate.

It’s About the Pupils, too

man looking like lying throught a paper rip

The type of gaze is determined by:
1. How long do we keep it
2. Where are we looking
3. The positions of the head, the eyelids, and the brows.
4. The size of the pupil.

I want to talk about the latter because the eye pupils can be very revealing and honest: They’re affected by our mood and, more importantly, we lack any conscious control over them.
Find out about the body language of eye pupils and the science of pupilometry here.

Lying Eyes

We have a very deep connotation between telling the truth and looking in the eyes. But is it truly reliable?

Let’s find out: The truth about avoiding Lying Eyes and Avoiding Eyes.

meaning of eye movements

Look in the White of the Eye

Did you know that we are the only species with the ‘white of the eyes’ visibly revealed?

Also known as the sclera – is the outer layer of the eye that helps to protect and clean it. In humans, it’s distinctively unique because it allows others to see where we are looking. If you’re curious about the reason – you can read this.

Eye Movements and lying

If you ever wondered about if there’s a connection between the eyes’ quick motions to the sides and lying – You can see if that’s true here.

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