Body Language Signs

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In this section, you can find all that you need to know about body language signs and their meanings.

To be more specific, this section of the site is about a more “permanent” and static signals in the behavior of men. It’s about stances, positions, and attitudes rather than one-time gestures or quick facial expressions.

In contrast – in the gestures section you will find mostly one-timers or quick actions with specific meanings.

Why the separation? Simply because I believe it’s easier to learn this way. Static body language signs are easy to observe and they change moderately, only when there’s a change in the general mood or trail of thought of the person you observe. Gestures on the other hand are used as specific tools to make a certain point or as accidental nonverbal “leaks”.

So what these body language signs can tell us?

A lot actually:

  • How comfortable or stressed is a person currently, does he feel confident or insecure?
  • Where do we want to go, or whom we want to be with
  • Relations and power struggles between superiors and their subordinates
  • How sociable and approachable someone is.
  • How “in-tune” someone is with us and what is his\her sort of interest?

In short – you can get lots of good indicators about the state of mind simply by observing his posture, lay of head, and the position of his limbs.

Alright, I won’t chew your ear off with further introductions, let’s jump straight to the series:

Head Signals

Body language signals of the head – why does it matter how you hold your head?

There are two head positions:

Posture and Attitude

How your posture how others see and judge you, how to improve it?

Hand and Arms Positions

arm of a man beside arm of another person

Be it behind the back or in front of your crotch, it does say something about you.

Hand Positions– What to do with the hands, when there’s nothing to actually do..?

Leg Positions

Body Language of the legs, the most honest part of our body. Seriously.

Leg Positions – What does it mean? How to start thinking about legs in body language.


And what happens when we sit? – Sitting Leg Positions

It’s not only how you sit, but also where… how it affects the group dynamics?

Seating arrangements | Sitting positions around the table

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