What Is Enneagram Type 7?

Enneagram Type 7, often referred to as “The Enthusiast” or “The Adventurer,” is a personality type characterized by their zest for life, enthusiasm, and desire for new experiences.

These individuals are highly energetic and outgoing, constantly seeking novelty and excitement in both their personal and professional lives.

Type Sevens possess a strong drive for joy and happiness that can be contagious to those around them. They are known to have an optimistic outlook on life, being able to see the silver lining even in difficult circumstances.

This positive mindset allows sevens to bounce back from setbacks quickly while maintaining their upbeat demeanor.

In addition to these traits, Enneagram Sevens also value their freedom above all else – they strive for independence and often resist any form of constraint or limitation imposed upon them.

How Does Enneagram Type 7’s Characteristics Influence Relationships?

Enneagram Type 7’s characteristics have a significant impact on their relationships, shaping how they connect with their partners and what they seek in a romantic connection.

As individuals who are spontaneous, adventurous, and always seeking new experiences, Type 7s bring an unparalleled zest for life to their relationships. They value freedom and excitement, often encouraging their partners to be open-minded and join them on various escapades.

However, these same traits can also present challenges when it comes to maintaining stability in a relationship. The constant pursuit of new experiences can sometimes lead Type 7s to avoid negative emotions or shy away from addressing deeper issues within the relationship.

Additionally, Enneagram Sevens have been known for having difficulties with commitment due to their fear of missing out on potential adventures elsewhere.

One notable advantage is that Enneagram Type Sevens tend to be quite curious about others’ perspectives and ideas in relationships.


The Enthusiast’s primary goal is to avoid feelings of boredom, sadness, or lack of inspiration. Consequently, they often pursue new experiences and interests with enthusiasm and vigor.

However, this strong desire for constant stimulation can sometimes lead to impulsive decision-making and an inability to commit fully to one person or situation.

For example, Type 7 may jump from one romantic interest to another out of fear that they might miss out on something better if they settle down too quickly.

Communication Style

enneagram 7 relationships

Enneagram Type 7 individuals are known for their energetic, optimistic, and enthusiastic communication style.

They excel at engaging others in conversation by sharing exciting ideas, stories, or future plans with passion and exuberance.

This informal communication approach makes them appear approachable and stimulating to be around.

However, this upbeat demeanor may sometimes result in a blind spot when it comes to addressing the negative aspects of situations. Sevens may gloss over problems or avoid discussing uncomfortable subjects altogether as they prefer focusing on the positive side of life.

In a workplace setting, it’s essential for Enneagram Type 7 individuals to balance their optimism with realism when communicating information about challenges or obstacles that need attention.

How Is Enneagram 7 Perceived?

Enneagram Type 7 individuals are perceived by others as exuberant, fast-paced, spontaneous, and focused on ideas. They have a natural ability to see possibilities where others don’t, making them adept at generating new opportunities for themselves and those around them.

However, this can also lead to a perception that Enneagram Sevens are always looking for the next “big thing” and struggle with commitment or staying in one place for too long.

Others may view Seven’s tendency towards spontaneity as reckless or impulsive, leading them to make rash decisions without considering potential consequences thoroughly.

Perceived By Enneagram Types 1-9 List

Enneagram Type 7 individuals are generally seen as fun, adventurous, and spontaneous by others, however, this depends on the Enneagram type of the person they interact with.

Here’s an overview of how Type 7s are perceived by each of the other Enneagram types:

  1. Enneagram Type 1 perceives Type 7 as energetic, spontaneous, and adventurous, appreciating their zest for life, but may view them as undisciplined or easily distracted.
  2. Enneagram Type 2 perceives Type 7 as fun-loving, enthusiastic, and outgoing, enjoying their positive energy and ability to bring joy to others, but might see them as self-centered or inconstant in their commitments.
  3. Enneagram Type 3 perceives Type 7 as versatile, charismatic, and ambitious, recognizing their ability to pursue various interests and generate excitement, but may find them lacking in depth or constantly seeking new stimulation.
  4. Enneagram Type 4 perceives Type 7 as upbeat, cheerful, and optimistic, appreciating their ability to find joy and embrace new experiences, but might see them as avoiding negative emotions or being superficial.
  5. Enneagram Type 5 perceives Type 7 as enthusiastic, curious, and engaging, valuing their ability to bring enthusiasm to intellectual pursuits, but may find them overly scattered or resistant to introspection.
  6. Enneagram Type 6 perceives Type 7 as: Adventurous, independent, and optimistic, admiring their sense of freedom and ability to embrace new possibilities, but might view them as unreliable or avoiding commitment.
  7. Enneagram Type 8 perceives Type 7 as spontaneous, resourceful, and high-spirited, appreciating their ability to bring a sense of fun and adventure to situations, but may perceive them as lacking seriousness or avoiding vulnerability.
  8. Enneagram Type 9 perceives Type 7 as energetic, upbeat, and inclusive, enjoying their positive outlook and ability to create a lively atmosphere, but might find them easily distracted or resistant to slowing down.

What Is A Relationship With Enneagram Type 7 Like?

enneagram 7 motivation

Relationships with Enneagram Type 7 individuals are generally exciting, adventurous, and full of life. Sevens tend to be spontaneous and always looking for new experiences and opportunities to have fun.

In a romantic relationship, they are enthusiastic partners who enjoy planning creative dates and keeping the spark alive.

At times, Sevens struggle with boredom in predictable or stale relationships and may seek out new experiences elsewhere.

However, when committed to a relationship that allows them space for growth, exploration, and spontaneity while maintaining deeper emotional connections, they can be incredibly loyal and passionate partners.

Strengths And Weaknesses

Enneagram Type 7 individuals possess numerous strengths and weaknesses that can influence their relationships:


  • High levels of energy
  • Optimistic outlook on life
  • Creative problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to initiate and plan new experiences
  • Enthusiasm for life and new opportunities


  • Difficulty making commitments
  • Inability to focus or follow through with tasks
  • Can be self-centered and prioritize their own desires over others
  • Tendency to get bored easily
  • Struggles with negative emotions and may avoid processing them

Understanding these strengths and weaknesses is crucial in building successful relationships with Enneagram Type 7 individuals.

They have much to offer in terms of energy, creativity, and enthusiasm but may struggle with commitment and following through on long-term goals. It’s essential to work together to find a balance that works for both parties.


Enneagram Type 7 individuals tend to have the highest compatibility with others of the same type, and they can form strong connections with a wide range of personality types due to their enthusiasm and zest for life. The following table highlights their compatibility with other Enneagram types:

Type Compatibility
Type 1High compatibility. Type 1 individuals are attracted to the adventurous and irreverent spirit of Type 7.
Type 2High compatibility. Type 2 and Type 7 relationships involve lots of energy, fun, and socializing.
Type 3Moderate compatibility. Type 7’s enthusiasm can complement Type 3’s drive and ambition, but their focus on achievement may sometimes clash.
Type 4Moderate compatibility. Type 4’s emotional depth can help balance Type 7’s outward focus, but their introspective nature may sometimes conflict with Type 7’s extroversion.
Type 5Moderate compatibility. Type 5’s intellectual curiosity can be appealing to Type 7, but their reserved nature may sometimes clash with Type 7’s enthusiasm for socializing and adventure.
Type 6Moderate compatibility. Type 6’s loyalty and supportiveness can create a stable foundation for Type 7, but their anxiety and need for security may sometimes conflict with Type 7’s desire for freedom and excitement.
Type 7High compatibility. Type 7 individuals are most compatible with other Type 7 personalities as they share enthusiasm, spontaneity, and a zest for life.
Type 8Moderate compatibility. Type 8’s protective and assertive nature can be strong support for Type 7. but their dominating tendencies may sometimes stifle Type 7’s need for freedom.
Type 9Moderate compatibility. Type 9’s calm and accepting nature can provide balance for Type 7. but their reluctance to assert themselves and confront issues may be challenging for Type 7’s energetic personality.
Enneagram Type 7 Compatibility Chart


Enneagram Type 7s have a tendency to seek out new experiences, always wanting to explore and try different things. They often struggle with staying in one place or committing fully to a single option, preferring instead to keep their options open.

In relationships, Enneagram Type 7s may exhibit similar tendencies, enjoying the excitement and spontaneity of romantic pursuits but struggling with deeper emotional connections.

They may fear missing out on other opportunities and find it challenging to process negative feelings or conflicts that arise within a relationship.

Manage Conflict

When it comes to managing conflict, Enneagram Type 7s prefer to avoid it altogether. They tend to have a positive outlook on life and relationships and struggle with negative emotions.

However, when conflicts do arise, Type 7s may try to deflect or distract from the issue instead of facing it head-on. To manage conflict effectively, Type 7s need to learn how to take responsibility for their actions while still maintaining their positivity.

For example, if a Type 7 is in a romantic relationship with a Type 1 who has difficulty accepting alternative ways of doing things, they may find themselves constantly butting heads over minor issues such as household chores or weekend plans.

In this scenario, the Type 7 can work on expressing their needs clearly and calmly while also acknowledging the importance of compromise in the relationship.

What Is It Like To Live With Enneagram Type 7?

enneagram type 7

Living with an Enneagram Type 7 can be a thrilling and invigorating experience. These individuals tend to be enthusiastic, optimistic, and full of energy, bringing excitement and adventure into their relationships.

However, living with a Type 7 can also come with its challenges. Their emphasis on avoiding negative emotions like pain or sadness might mean they struggle to process negative feelings when they arise in themselves or others.

Overall, living with an Enneagram Type 7 requires understanding that while Sevens bring lots of joy and positivity into the relationship, it is essential to create an environment where both partners feel comfortable discussing uncomfortable topics honestly.

Description Of The Experience Of Living With A Type 7 Partner, Family Member, Or Friend

Living with a Type 7 individual can be an exciting and adventurous experience. These individuals are full of life, love trying out new things, and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

They have a strong desire to be happy and continually seek experiences that bring them joy and fulfillment.

However, Type 7s may struggle with commitment as they fear anything that feels limiting or constricting. Plans for the future may feel stifling to them, leading to anxiety about marriage or settling down in one place for too long.

In relationships, they may become restless or easily bored if things start feeling stagnant or predictable.

Strengths And Challenges

Enneagram-type sevens have numerous strengths and challenges in their relationships.

Here are some of the most common ones:


  • Adventurous and spontaneous: They are always up for trying new things, which can make their partners feel excited about life.
  • Positive and optimistic: Sevens have a natural ability to find the silver lining in any situation, which can help diffuse tension in relationships.
  • Versatile and flexible: They are adaptable and able to change course easily, making them good at compromising with their partners.
  • Fun-loving and energetic: Sevens inject enthusiasm into their relationships, keeping things lively and exciting.


  • Difficulty with commitment: Sevens can struggle with committing to long-term relationships or projects because of their fear of missing out on other opportunities.
  • Avoidance of negative emotions: They tend to avoid negative feelings like sadness or pain, which can lead to unresolved issues in their relationships.
  • The tendency towards impulsiveness: Their desire for new experiences can lead them to make rash decisions that may negatively impact their relationships.
  • Lack of focus: Because they enjoy so many different things, they may struggle to prioritize what’s important in their relationship.

Understanding these strengths and challenges can help Type Seven individuals better navigate their relationships by capitalizing on the positives while working to address the negatives.

Tips For Fostering Harmony And Understanding

Here are some tips for fostering harmony and understanding in relationships with Enneagram Type 7 individuals:

  1. Encourage open communication: Enneagram Type 7s value honesty and transparency, so it’s important to create a safe space where they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings.
  2. Support their desire for adventure: Enneagram Type 7s thrive on new experiences, so try to embrace their sense of adventure by joining them on trips or trying out different activities together.
  3. Be patient with their impulsiveness: Enneagram Type 7s can sometimes make impulsive decisions, but it’s important to understand that this is just part of their nature. Instead of criticizing them, try to help them balance their spontaneity with practical considerations.
  4. Help them stay grounded: Enneagram Type 7s tend to avoid negative emotions, but it’s important to encourage them to acknowledge and process any difficult feelings they may be experiencing.
  5. Be flexible and adaptable: Enneagram Type 7s like to keep their options open and may change plans at the last minute, so try to remain flexible and go with the flow.

By following these tips, you can build strong and fulfilling relationships with Enneagram Type 7 individuals while honoring their unique strengths and tendencies.

What Is Friendship With Enneagram 7s Like?

enneagram 7 friends

Type Sevens tend to have an impressive quantity of friends, and most of those friends are fellow Type Sevens. Their optimistic outlook on life is infectious, which draws like-minded individuals to them.

However, maintaining a friendship with a Type Seven may prove challenging for some people as they tend to prioritize their own desires over others’ needs at times.

Qualities They Value In Friends

Enneagram Type 7 individuals value friends who have a zest for life and enjoy exploring new opportunities.

Here are some of the qualities they appreciate in their friendships:

  1. Enthusiasm: They love people who share their enthusiasm for life and embrace new experiences with enthusiasm.
  2. Spontaneity: They value friends who can be spontaneous and go with the flow, always open to adventure.
  3. Sense of adventure: They appreciate friends who share their sense of adventure, excitement, and curiosity about the world.
  4. Positivity: They enjoy being around friends who have a positive outlook on life and can see the bright side of things, even in challenging situations.
  5. Creativity: They value friends who are creative, innovative, and imaginative in their pursuits.
  6. Energy: They are drawn to friends who have high energy levels, as they themselves tend to be outgoing and energetic.
  7. Openness to new experiences: They admire friends who are willing to try new things and explore different perspectives.
  8. Intellect: They appreciate intelligent friends who can engage them in stimulating conversations that challenge their minds.
  9. Shared interests: They bond with friends over shared interests like music, art, travel or sports activities that they both enjoy doing together.

By having these qualities, Enneagram Type 7 individuals feel empowered in their relationships which helps them grow into better persons overall according to.

Dynamics And Potential Challenges In Friendships

Enneagram Type 7 personalities tend to value friendships that allow them to explore new experiences and enjoy life to the fullest. Their positive outlook on life and adventurous nature make them fun-loving companions.

However, Sevens may sometimes appear inconsistent in maintaining their relationships due to their exploratory nature. Meeting new people and making new friends, takes time aware of current relationships which can frustrate friends who want a deeper level of connection.

Additionally, when faced with negative emotions or conflict, Sevens may struggle to process these feelings effectively and might avoid confronting the issue altogether.

How Are Enneagram Type 7s In Dating?

Enneagram Type 7s are exploratory when it comes to dating, as they are always looking for new experiences and opportunities to explore.

However, Enneagram Type 7s can struggle with commitment as they fear missing out on other potential experiences or relationships. In romantic relationships, they may keep their options open and struggle with processing negative feelings.

Despite these challenges, Enneagram Type 7s bring passion and enthusiasm into their romantic relationships. They love to share ideas and show their love by sharing new experiences with their partners.

Approach To Dating And Romantic Relationships

enneagram 7 love

Enneagram 7s are natural adventurers who want to explore life with a like-minded partner.

However, Enneagram Type 7 individuals may struggle to process negative emotions or feelings of sadness or hurt in a relationship.

To maintain a healthy relationship, Enneagram 7s need a partner who can keep up with their zest for life while also helping them connect with deeper emotions and maintain commitment.

How Are Enneagram Type 7 Males And Females Similar And Different In Dating?

Enneagram type 7 males and females share many similarities when it comes to dating, but there are also distinct differences in their approaches.

Here, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between Enneagram type 7 males and females in dating.

Potential Differences in Dating between Type 7 Males and Females:

  1. Societal Expectations: Traditional gender roles might influence how their enthusiasm and freedom-seeking nature manifest. For instance, a Type 7 male might be more outwardly assertive in pursuing new activities, while a Type 7 female might be more socially encouraged to be spontaneous in a relational or communal context.
  2. Expression of Emotions: While both genders might avoid negative emotions, societal norms often allow females more leeway to express their feelings. A Type 7 female might, therefore, be slightly more open to discussing emotions than her male counterpart, even if she avoids dwelling on the negative.
  3. Security Concerns: Type 7 females, like females in general, might be more cautious about certain adventurous activities due to safety concerns, especially in unfamiliar places or late at night.
  4. Dating Dynamics: Given societal expectations, a Type 7 male might feel the pressure to take the lead in planning dates and adventures, while a Type 7 female might be more used to partners offering suggestions, even if she enjoys spontaneity.
  5. Response to Commitment: Although both genders might struggle with commitment, the reasons can differ. Males might fear loss of independence, while females might also be juggling societal pressures around settling down or starting a family.

Strengths And Potential Pitfalls In Romantic Relationships

Enneagram Type 7 individuals make exciting and inspiring romantic partners.

However, there are strengths and potential pitfalls to keep in mind when in a relationship with a Type 7 personality. Here are some of them:


  • High energy levels that bring fun and spontaneity to the relationship
  • Willingness to try new things and explore adventures together
  • Ability to see the positive side of life and uplift their partner
  • Natural talent for keeping the romance alive with creative date ideas and surprises

Potential Pitfalls:

  • Fear of being tied down or missing out on other opportunities may cause commitment issues
  • The inability to process negative emotions can lead to avoidance or denial of problems in the relationship
  • The need for constant stimulation and excitement may lead to restlessness or impulsiveness
  • Dislike for routine or monotony may make it hard to maintain a stable long-term relationship

Research shows that Type 7s tend to be most compatible with other Type 7s, which can make for a high-energy, adventure-filled romance.

However, it is important for both partners to communicate openly about their needs and fears related to commitment, as well as find ways to balance excitement with stability in the relationship.

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How Are Enneagram 7s As Parents?

Enneagram Type 7 parents are known for their fun-loving and adventurous nature, creating happy memories for their children. They love trying new things, exploring new places, and experiencing different cuisines with their family.

These excursions foster a sense of wonder and excitement in their kids, encouraging them to explore life beyond the familiar.

As parents, Enneagram Type 7s excel at providing a supportive environment that encourages exploration while keeping things light-hearted and enjoyable.

They understand the importance of having a positive attitude towards life even during difficult times; hence they strive to instill that mindset in their children from an early age.

Overall, Enneagram Type 7 parents’ fun-loving nature can lead to playful childhood experiences that shape positive outlooks on life within their offspring.

Parenting Style

enneagram 7 adventure

Enneagram Type 7 parents, might most closely align with the Permissive (or Indulgent) parenting style.

Here’s why:

Permissive (Indulgent) Parenting:

  • Freedom and Exploration: Type 7s naturally lean towards seeking new experiences and adventures, and they’d likely give their children ample freedom to explore and try new things.
  • Avoidance of Restrictions: Given their aversion to feeling trapped or confined, they might struggle with setting strict boundaries or enforcing routines.
  • Warm and Friendly: Type 7 parents often prioritize building a friendly and close relationship with their kids. They might treat their children as equals or friends, fostering open communication.
  • Reluctance to Implement Consequences: Type 7s might occasionally avoid setting and following through with consequences, especially if it leads to emotional discomfort or conflicts. Their desire to keep things positive and light can result in a more lenient approach.

However, a balanced and self-aware Type 7 might also incorporate aspects of the Authoritative style:

  • Open Dialogue: Given their natural enthusiasm and interest in diverse experiences, they can be open-minded and willing to engage in discussions with their children.
  • Encouragement of Independence: While they give freedom, they also want their children to be responsible and might guide them in understanding the consequences of their actions.

While Type 7 tendencies have a natural alignment with the Permissive parenting style, the exact approach can vary based on individual Type 7s’ growth level, experiences, culture, and other factors.

A conscious Type 7 parent can merge the strengths of the Permissive and Authoritative styles to create a nurturing environment for their children, combining freedom with guidance.

Strengths And Challenges As Parents?

Enneagram Type 7 parents have several strengths and challenges when it comes to parenting. Here are some of them:


  1. They bring a sense of enthusiasm and creativity that can make parenting fun and exciting.
  2. They are often optimistic, which helps them stay positive even in challenging situations.
  3. They tend to be open-minded and flexible, which can help them adapt to different parenting styles and approaches.
  4. They value their children’s happiness and work hard to create memorable experiences for them.
  5. They encourage their children to explore new things, which fosters a spirit of adventure and curiosity.


  1. They can be easily distracted by new experiences, which may impact their ability to provide consistent support for their children.
  2. They may struggle with discipline as they dislike conflict or negative emotions.
  3. Their spontaneous nature can lead to inconsistent routines or schedules, making it tough for kids who thrive on structure.
  4. They may struggle with follow-through, struggling to see projects through from beginning to end due to shiny object syndrome
  5. Their desire for constant stimulation can make it difficult for them to provide the quiet or downtime some children may need during stressful periods.

Despite these challenges, Enneagram Type 7 parents bring a unique blend of energy, excitement, and love into parenting that is hard not to appreciate or find exhilarating at times.

Tips For Creating A Supportive And Balanced Parenting Environment

Enneagram Type 7 parents can benefit from implementing these tips to create a supportive and balanced parenting environment for their children:

  1. Encourage communication: Creating an open dialogue with your child will help them feel comfortable discussing how they feel about things without fear of judgment. This helps to build trust and strengthens the relationship.
  2. Set boundaries: As a Type 7 parent, it’s important to balance spontaneity with structure. Setting clear boundaries provides stability for children and helps them learn self-discipline.
  3. Make time for one-on-one activities: Schedule one-on-one activities with each child to show them that they’re important to you, even if life gets busy.
  4. Acknowledge negative emotions: Teach your children that experiencing negative emotions is natural, and encourage healthy ways of coping with them.
  5. Foster creativity: Enneagram Type 7s tend to be creative individuals themselves, and nurturing this trait in their children can provide a wonderful outlet for expressing themselves.
  6. Be a role model: Children learn by example, so demonstrate the behavior you’d like to see mirrored in them.

By following these tips, Enneagram Type 7 parents can create an environment that supports their children’s growth and development while allowing them to experience all the joy life has to offer.

What Is It Like To Work With An Enneagram 7?

7 enneagram

Working with an Enneagram Type 7 can be both exciting and challenging. These individuals are creative, visionary, and always seeking new experiences – making them great to work with for brainstorming sessions or innovative projects.

They tend to be optimistic, enthusiastic, and outgoing, which can bring energy into the workspace.

To collaborate effectively with a Type 7 coworker or boss requires flexibility and adaptability – being able to go with the flow when things change suddenly. It also helps to set clear expectations from the outset regarding deadlines and goals so that everyone is on the same page.

As Bosses, Co-workers, And Subordinates

As bosses, co-workers, and subordinates, Enneagram Type 7 individuals bring a unique set of characteristics to the workplace. Here are some key points to keep in mind when working with a Type 7:

  • Bosses: Type 7 managers are often enthusiastic and creative, bringing a sense of energy and excitement to the workplace. They tend to be spontaneous decision-makers, constantly seeking out new opportunities and experiences. However, they may struggle with follow-through and might need help staying organized. As their employee, it is important to communicate effectively about deadlines and priorities.
  • Co-workers: Type 7s make for fun, engaging team members who enjoy brainstorming new ideas and taking on exciting projects. They tend to be adaptable and flexible, always willing to take on new challenges. However, they may become easily distracted or lose interest in ongoing tasks. It’s important to keep them engaged by providing plenty of variety in their work assignments.
  • Subordinates: As employees reporting to a Type 7 boss, it can be both exciting and challenging. Type 7s are often open-minded and collaborative leaders who encourage brainstorming sessions and idea sharing. However, they may struggle with managing time effectively or delegating tasks. Employees should communicate clearly about their needs and timelines while being open to unexpected changes in priorities.

Overall, working with Enneagram Type 7s can be highly rewarding thanks to their energetic approach and love of new experiences.

However, it’s crucial to stay mindful of their potential challenges around focus and follow-through so that everyone can thrive in the workplace environment.

How Compatible Are Enneagram 7s With Other Enneagram Types?

Enneagram arrows

Enneagram Type 7s are known for their adventurous and fun-loving nature, which attracts them to partners who share similar traits.

In addition to being compatible with themselves, Enneagram Type 7s also tend to get along well with individuals who possess high energy levels and assertiveness.

For example, they may find compatibility with individuals such as Type 3 Achievers or Type 8 Challengers.

Interestingly enough, Enneagram Type 4 Individualists are a great match for Enneagram Type 7s as friends, colleagues, or romantic partners. This is because both types value creativity and unpredictability while also possessing the ability to deeply feel emotions.

What Is The Relationship Compatibility Between Type 7 And Types 1-9?

Enneagram Type 7 individuals are known for their adventurous and spontaneous nature, which can make them well-suited for relationships with other types who appreciate these qualities.

The table below outlines the compatibility and potential challenges that may arise when partnering with other Enneagram types.

  • Type 1s may find themselves attracted to the positivity and fun-loving attitude of a Type 7 partner, while also providing stability and structure. Similarly,
  • Type 3s can bring ambition and motivation to the relationship, complementing the passion of a Type 7.
  • Types 5 and 6 may find it challenging to keep up with Type 7’s energy levels and constantly changing interests.

How Does Enneagram Type 7 Wing Influence Relationships?

An Enneagram 7’s wing can significantly influence their relationships. The two potential wings for Type 7s are Six and Eight.

For instance, a 7w6’s anxiety can negatively affect their relationship by making them question everything that happens in the relationship. This attitude may cause their partner to feel uneasy or mistrusted.

In contrast, when Sevens learn how to use both wings harmoniously in relationships consciously – as opposed to being driven by impulses from either one – they become better at navigating challenges that come up within their relationships.

What Are Enneagram 7’s Wings?

Enneagram 7 Wings

Enneagram Type 7 has two wings: the 6 wing and the 8 wing. A Seven with a 6 wing is known as “The Entertainer” and values stability. They tend to be less spontaneous than typical Type Sevens, preferring to plan and maintain some level of predictability in their lives.

They are often organized, disciplined, and good at managing their time. On the other hand, a Seven with an 8 wing is known as “The Realist” and can be more assertive than typical Type Sevens.

They enjoy taking risks, being bold, and making things happen in their lives. They tend to be confident in themselves and have strong leadership abilities that they use to achieve what they want.

How Do 7w6 Traits Influence Relationships?

The 7w6 subtype combines the adventurous spirit of Type Seven with the loyalty and concern for others often found in Sixes.

These individuals seek out new experiences and relationships but also value deep connections with their loved ones, which they nurture through frequent communication and support.

The 7w6’s natural enthusiasm can help them build strong bonds quickly, but they may struggle to balance their desire for novelty with their need for stability in long-term partnerships.

However, if the core type Seven tends to neglect personal relationships, 7w6 relationships can be an additional source of happiness and stimulation.

How Does 7w8Traits Influence Relationships?

Enneagram 7w8 individuals are known for their assertive and self-confident nature, which can impact their relationships. They have a strong desire to be in control of their lives and tend to prioritize work over personal relationships.

However, Enneagram 7w8 personalities are also clear about their needs and expectations in a relationship. They don’t shy away from expressing what they want and expect from their partner, making it easier for others to understand how to please them.

Their natural compatibility with Enneagram types 1 and 9 allows them to balance out the more intense aspects of their personality while providing enough challenge to keep things interesting.

How Does Enneagram Type 7’s Subtypes Influence Relationships?

enneagram 7 subtypes

Enneagram Type 7 has three subtypes that can significantly influence their relationships: Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social. The Self-Preservation Seven subtype is very focused on security and comfort, which can result in them being cautious and less spontaneous than other Sevens.

They value stable relationships but may struggle to balance their need for independence with the demands of a committed partnership.

The Sexual Seven subtype seeks intimate connections deeply rooted in a shared passion or purpose with their partner. They want to know their partner on a deeper level emotionally, spiritually, and sexually.

In contrast to these two types of Sevens, the Social Seven subtype focuses more on expanding their social circle as they crave mental stimulation from new friends that share common interests like hobbies or traveling giving them an expansive view of life experience ultimately impacting positively any relationship.

Understanding your Enneagram subtype can give you valuable insight into how you approach friendships or romantic associations with others while also allowing other people to better understand what drives your behavior within those dynamics.

How Does Each Subtype Influence Relationships?

There are three subtypes of Enneagram Type 7, and each one has unique qualities that affect their relationships. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Self-Preservation Subtype: Type 7s with this subtype tend to focus on taking care of themselves and loved ones. They are more inclined toward close, intimate relationships, and may have a protective attitude towards those in their inner circle. In a romantic relationship, they may prioritize nurturing their partner over seeking new experiences.
  2. One-to-One Subtype: This subtype is all about intimacy in relationships. Type 7s with this subtype crave deep emotional connections and are comfortable exploring intense emotional experiences with their partner. They seek out thrilling experiences together and love to make exciting plans.
  3. Social Subtype: This subtype craves social influence and wants to feel connected to others at all times. Type 7s with this subtype prioritize building strong networks of friends and acquaintances, which can sometimes make it difficult for them to commit to long-term romantic relationships. They value social approval above personal needs or desires.

Remember that every Enneagram type is different, so while these tendencies apply across the board for Type 7s with each subtype, there will always be variations from person to person depending on other factors such as upbringing or life experiences.

How Does The Countersubtype Influence Relationships?

The countersubtype of Enneagram Type 7 is the self-preserving subtype. This variant focuses on fulfilling their basic needs and ensuring their safety and security.

In relationships, countersubtype Sevens may prioritize practical concerns over exploring new experiences.

However, countersubtype Sevens may also struggle with anxiety and have a harder time letting go of negative feelings. They may withdraw from social activities when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

What Needs Do Relationships Serve For Enneagram Type 7?

For Enneagram Type 7 individuals, relationships serve as a way to experience new things and maintain their sense of excitement. They value partners who are willing to share in their love for adventure and spontaneous fun.

However, it’s important to note that Type Sevens can struggle with commitment and may fear missing out on other experiences if they commit too deeply to one person or relationship.

It’s crucial for them to find a balance between their desire for adventure and exploring new opportunities while also maintaining strong connections with those closest to them.

How Do Relationships Help Enneagram Type 7 Grow?

enneagram 7 growth

Relationships are a vital part of growth for Enneagram Type Sevens. By connecting with others and exploring different perspectives, they can develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

In healthy relationships, Type Sevens feel supported and encouraged to pursue their passions while also learning important life lessons. For example, when in a solid romantic partnership, they can grow by learning to prioritize the needs of their partner over their own desire for constant excitement.

Through interactions with friends or coworkers, they can explore different viewpoints and temper impulsive decision-making tendencies.

What Lessons Does Enneagram 7 Learn In Relationships?

Enneagram Type 7s have a lot to learn in relationships, despite their natural charisma and love for adventure. One of the biggest lessons they need to learn is how to handle negative emotions and stay present with their feelings.

Because Enneagram Type 7s tend to avoid pain or discomfort, they may struggle when it comes to dealing with conflict or difficult moments in a relationship. They might also find themselves constantly seeking new experiences or partners rather than investing deeply in one person.

However, as they grow and mature, Enneagram Type 7s begin to realize that true happiness comes from building lasting connections built on trust and mutual commitment.

How Can Enneagram Type 7 Improve Their Relationships?

Enneagram Type 7 individuals can improve their relationships by:

  1. Practicing mindfulness: Enneagram Sevens tend to avoid negative emotions and experiences, but it’s important to acknowledge them and address them mindfully.
  2. Listening actively: Being an active listener can help type sevens understand their partner’s needs better and increase empathy.
  3. Focusing on the present: Type Sevens are known for always looking for new experiences, but they should also focus on being present in their current relationships and cherishing what they have.
  4. Developing emotional intelligence: Learning how to process negative feelings in a healthy way can help type sevens manage conflict better.
  5. Cultivating deeper connections: Type Sevens tend to keep their options open, but focusing on building deeper connections with their partner can strengthen the relationship.
  6. Communicating honestly: Being transparent about your needs, feelings, and expectations can foster trust and authenticity in the relationship.
  7. Balancing spontaneity with stability: While being adventurous is a natural trait of Enneagram Sevens, balancing this with stability and consistency can create a sense of security in the relationship.
  8. Seeking professional help when needed: If struggling to manage negative emotions or experiencing conflict in the relationship, seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor can be beneficial.
  9. Personality Development: Discover the impact your personality is having on your life and learn how to leverage the positives and navigate the negatives with our Trait Masters Personality Development Masterclass.

Overall, becoming aware of your Enneagram type as a Seven and using that awareness to develop self-improvement strategies can result in more fulfilling relationships with partners, family members, friends, coworkers, or subordinates.

Best Relationship Tips For Enneagram 7?

  1. Be present and attentive: Enneagram Type 7 values attention and presence from their partner. Show them that you are fully invested in the relationship by listening actively.
  2. Encourage their sense of adventure: Type 7 is always looking for new experiences and exciting opportunities. Supporting their endeavors will show them that you value their interests and passions.
  3. Create structure: While spontaneity is enjoyable, creating a schedule or routine can help Enneagram 7 feel more grounded in the relationship.
  4. Don’t shy away from difficult conversations: Enneagram Type 7 tends to avoid negative emotions, but it’s important to address any issues that may arise in the relationship head-on.
  5. Celebrate their strengths: Type 7 brings enthusiasm, optimism, and adaptability to a relationship. Recognize these qualities and express appreciation for them.
  6. Provide reassurance: Enneagram Type 7 may fear missing out on other opportunities or experiences while committed to a relationship. Providing reassurance that they are valued can help alleviate these concerns.
  7. Allow for alone time: Although Enneagram Type 7 values connection with others, they also need space to recharge and process emotions on their terms.
  8. Plan fun activities together: Sharing new experiences and creating enjoyable memories is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship with an Enneagram Type 7 partner.
  9. Embrace spontaneity: While structure is helpful, Enneagram Type 7 thrives on exciting, spontaneous moments as well. Be open to impromptu adventures with your partner.
  10. Practice gratitude: Expressing gratitude for the small things your partner does for you can strengthen your connection with an Enneagram Type 7 individual who values appreciation and acknowledgment.

These tips can provide insight into how to create a fulfilling relationship with an Enneagram Type 7 individual while recognizing their unique strengths and needs within the context of the relationship.