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PersonaI Insight AI

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Personal Insight AI

Meet your new Career Advisor. Career Compass AI specializes in helping you find your dream job. A career that is in alignment with your values, your personality and that is centered around the things you already love doing.



Discover Your Mission

Create your Goals

Live a Fulfilled Life

What's Included:



It is as simple as having a conversation! After taking our personality assessment Personal Insight Ai will be configured to your personality.

The AI’s goal is to help guide you in living a fulfilling life according to your personality, values, and needs.

Personal Insight AI is designed to help guide you toward achieving your goals. 

After taking our test and minting your Personality NFT, the Personal Insight AI can help you discover your highest purpose. Then it can help you create the corresponding goals and plans and put your Master Plan into action.

It’s as easy as having a conversation.

It is designed to naturally flow with your personality and values. So in this sense, it is the most natural thing you can do, yet it is so powerful because you’re doing it with awareness and intentionally.

The Personality NFT contains your test results and allows Personal Insight AI to guide you on your path.

Yes! In fact, our Guarantee is better than money back. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can keep access to your test results and your Personality NFT.