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Career Compass AI

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Career Compass AI

Meet your new Career Advisor. Career Compass AI specializes in helping you find your dream job. A career that is in alignment with your values, your personality and that is centered around the things you already love doing.



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Career that Fits You

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What's Included:



It is as simple as having a conversation! First, you take our personality assessment and based on your results, Career Compass AI can recommend careers, evaluate job postings and give you guidance.

Career Compass can help you at multiple stages of your journey. First, it will suggest the ideal careers for you. Second, it can aid your job search by giving you feedback on job listings! Finally, it can help write your resume and cover letters.

It’s as easy as having a conversation.

If you’re serious about taking this step in your career, this is like talking to an Expert Career Advisor that knows you inside and out and wants what’s best for you. 

The Personality NFT contains your test results and allows Career Compass AI to personalize its recommendations. 

Yes! In fact, our Guarantee is better than money back. If you are unhappy for any reason, you can keep access to your test results and your Personality NFT.